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Amateur Radios and Electronic Boatanchors

Webpage Update

This webpage has been updated to include new features including Links to Ham Radio Sites, Information about radio modifications and upgrades will be available.
Thank you for visiting our site. Come back and see us again.




Sound 'N' Mind Webpage Updates -September 25, 2005 - 16:30:00

All of the pages except for the stories and news were completed and have been uploaded to the webpage. All of the bugs should be worked out but we are still keeping an eye on it. We appreciate any suggestions you may have so if you have any suggestions or any ideas for this webpage, please drop us an email into our suggestions inbox. Suggestions@w4pnt.8k.com.



Johnson Ranger Series Photographs ...Story coming soon. New Photographs of several Refinished Johnson Ranger Series Radios including completed modifications View Story...

Johnson Modifications ...Coming soon. This is some information on some EF Johnson Modifications including schematics for Audio, and Power output modifications View Story...





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